Precor 9.31 Reviews

Precor 9.31 treadmill is an exceptional value in a home treadmill. Featuring contemporary design and artful craftsmanship, the Precor 9.31 treadmill is both beautiful and functional. The exceptional feel and wide variety of workout programs makes the Precor 9.31 treadmill is a top choice for both runners and walkers.

Precor 9.31 TreadmillPrecor 9.31 Treadmill

Price from $3,999.99 to $4,048.64

Precor 9.31 is a really well constructed treadmill with three of the most important qualities such asquiet, rides smooth and optimized for comfort,but you should pay for the name to get the quality treadmill.

Average rating By TreadMillsFans Customer Reviews: 4.3 / 5.0

3.0 HP
22″ x 56″
335 lbs
0.5-12 mph

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Precor 9.31 Treadmill

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Expert Reviews ///

  • “The 9.31 requires little maintenance. It’s the high quality that insures a long and prolific use of this treadmill….”—By
  • “Our best buy winner 2 years in a row! Precor has held the line on prices this year. You pay for the name but you get a quality treadmill. That is typically what happens with the big brands that have a strong presence in the clubs.”
  • “Precor 9.31 adjusts belt speed to foot speed — fully complementing and supporting your natural stride — while suspension system cushions impact and stabilizes lateral movement, reducing impact on joints, increasing comfort and minimizing fatigue….”

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User Reviews ///

  • Solid, comfortable, and quiet:My wife and I are very happy with this Precor 9.31 treadmill. It is sturdy, very heavy, and provides for a comfortable running experience. It was difficult deciding between Precor treadmills, but I am glad I opted for the 9.31 with the Footplant Technology and Ground Effects Technology. The cushioning adjusts perfectly for my wife and myself. The treadmill arrived by freight one week from the date I purchased it online using free super saver shipping. Assembly was fast and simple using the provided allen wrenches. This treadmill feels as sturdy and as comfortable as the Precor and Life Fitness machines at the gym. The motor is very quiet and the machine does not rattle or shake while running.—By D. Welty
  • This is a great treadmill!:We love this new Precor 9.31 . We almost bought a LifeFitness, but are happy we went with this one instead. The feeling of running on it is amazing. That foot-plant technology and the more advanced cushioning/shock absorption are a real plus. Their “treadmill continually registers your foot speed, checking the motor speed up to 710 times per second to match the natural movements of your step. The adjustments reduce joint and shoe discomfort common with other treadmills that interrupt, rather than support, your running stride”.

    I have to say, though, that we got it for a lot less than this price. You can get specials and deals if you shop around.–By kalyson

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2 thoughts on “Precor 9.31 Reviews

  1. John

    I have owned a 9.31 treadmill since last February and the unit is wonderful
    It is solid and my wife and I enjoy using it .The running board is firm with
    just the right amount of give and the controls are easy to use .
    The only complaint about the unit is that we feel the pacemaster that
    we owned before had better electronics if you paused the pacemaster
    it would go back to the speed you left off at instead of making you work
    your way up.I feel this unit will give us many years of use

  2. Linda

    The machine was working well for about a year when we started having sudden loss of power where the treadmill would turn off and stop. We weren’t having any other electrical problems in our home, we tried various approaches, and have had numerous service calls. The problem is still unresolved. Representatives of Precor have been pleasant enough, but we have not had a satisfactory conclusion, yet.


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